Launching an online store from Home
Launching an online store from Home

This is my story about Launching an online store from Home. I had some trouble getting a new job after my graduation. After several job interviews, they were always telling me I was overqualified for the job. So, I was staying unemployed and nobody could give me the opportunity for the job I wanted.

That’s how I saw the opportunity to work from home. I took the chance and that’s the best decision I could have made. So, I decided to become my own boss, launched my own online business, and got full control over my life. As a work-at-home mom I wanted something flexible. I wanted to enjoy my kid’s early years and be there when needed, travel or get the day off and spending time with my kids at the Beach.

And if you’re reading this right now, you can do the same!

What you need in advance to launch an online store from home?

You have a PC or laptop ,Internet access and an interest in starting an online business. Basically, that’s all you need!

• Profitable enough to support you and your lifestyle.

• Easy and quick to start even if you don’t have much experience.

• Low-cost and requiring minimum startup investments.

• Protected from unexpected social and economic events .

• Legal.

What is an E-commerce?

E-commerce means buying and selling goods and services on the internet. This business model suits newcomer entrepreneurs perfectly. As the internet becomes ingrained in our daily lives, acceptance of e-commerce continues to grow, and businesses are taking advantage of this.

Launching an online store from Home

It’s all simple: you provide a service or offer a product, find online users who need this thing, and they pay you for it. That’s it! Starting an E commerce business has never been easier. Solutions such as Shopify and WooCommerce allow even the least tech-savvy individuals to set up a store.

Your goal is to stay financially stable in any political or economic situation, right? Well, good news is that ecommerce stays mostly unaffected when there’s some trouble in a society.

What’s more, in fact, ecommerce has a tendency to grow and develop quickly when there’s a crisis. For example, the SARS pandemic of 2002-2004 led to a phenomenal growth of AliBaba and turned it into the largest retail platform in Asia.

Similarly, COVID-19 outbreak of 2019-2020 saw an incredible number of customers worldwide shopping online more often than in physical stores (data from PYMNTS, Ipsos MORI and Econsultancy):

In other words…what’s a challenge for traditional businesses is a growth opportunity for e-commerce!

The first step of starting your own business

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October 19, 2020
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